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  • Top: Pear | Agave | Black Cardamon
  • Middle: Rose | Moonflower | Cherry Blossom
  • Bottom: Sandalwood | Dark Musk | Amber      

     Luna brings a sumptuous garden of white florals to your fingertips. It starts with an air of juicy pear, sweet agave, and spicy black cardamom, flourishes into a sea of endearing rose, sultry moonflower, alluring cherry blossom and cultivates a bed of calming sandalwood, earthy dark musk, and warm amber.

    Say goodbye to single-use candles. After you’ve enjoyed your Luna candle, simply clean the planter out with soap and water, plant the seeded dust cover, water, and watch your beautiful wild flowers grow. Your new planter can be reused for as many beautiful flowers as you’d like.


15oz | 420g | 90-70hr Burn Time

  • Pure soy wax
  • Lead-free, cotton wick
  • Skin safe, phthalate-free fragrances

Care Instructions

Candles can’t practice self-care on their own. Help them be their best selves by applying these easy tips to your care routine. Your candles will thank you with up to 65 hours of use. 
  • Don’t forget to trim your wicks. 
Please, please, please trim your wick to 1/4" before every use. If you don't, you'll most likely see black smoke come from the flame and the flame will be too big. This will make the candle burn faster than it should. If you start to see soot form around the top of the glass, it's a good indicator that your wick needs a haircut.
    • Let your candle burn to the edges. 
    It's important to let your candle burn long enough to melt the wax all the way to the edge of the container to ensure it doesn't start to tunnel. The perfect burn time is 1-4 hours but shouldn't be more than 4. Letting your candle burn for too long increases the chances of the glass overheating and can become dangerous.
    • Burn safely. 
    Never leave a lit candle unattended. Remember to blow out the flame before leaving the room. Always make sure your candle is on a safe surface, away from kids and animals before lighting.
    • Let go of your candles when they’re finished. 
    Once your candle has only 1/4" of wax left, it's time for a new candle. Continuing to let the candle burn past its lifetime can increase the chances of starting a fire. Only you can prevent a candle fire.
    • Don’t waste! Repurpose your candle jar.

    Before you throw away your finished candle, consider cleaning it out and finding a new use for the jar. To clean your jar, you can throw it in the freezer for a few hours and the rest of the wax should fall right out. You can use soap and hot water to scrub out any residual wax still left on the sides. We love to use our finished jars as cocktail glasses!

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